herbalife Aloe Gel

This is a extraction process with 96% high purity herbalife Aloe Gel solution ,pure material with activity,,soothing,fragrance free,alcohol free and colorless. It can be used on any skin of any age, powerful moisturizing,hydrating,anti wrinkle,anti-aging, anti-inflammatory sterilization,calm and soothing skin.


Product Description

The mucus in Aloe vera gel from Israel contains a unique protein, which is an important component in preventing cell aging and treating chronic allergy. It can effectively activate cell vitality, delay skin aging, astringe and harmonize skin function.

The amino acids and compound polysaccharides in Aloe Vera gum constitute a natural moisturizing factor. It can supplement the lost moisture in the skin, restore the function of collagen, prevent wrinkles, and keep the skin smooth and elastic.

Aloe can inhibit inflammation, inhibit bacteria, inhibit inflammation, drain secretions, promote local metabolism, moisten skin, prevent aging, promote wound healing, cell regeneration, and fade scars.

Ingredients: aloe extract,lavender extract, purslane extract, tremella polysaccharide, hamamelis extract, seaweed polysaccharide.

Usage: after cleaning the face, apply it to the whole face. Don't wash it, just wait until it is dry